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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I sign up?

Submit Music
Submit Art

What ages can participate?

Anyone is allowed to participate! Feel free to spread the word to family, friends, colleagues, etc.!

Who do I contact if I need help?

Please email the OK Go Sandbox team at

I am an educator. How can I get my class involved?

Please visit our page for educators.

Why do I need to sign a permissions form?

We will be using all of your submissions (both art and music) in a final creation! We need your permission to use your submission in our project and to give you credit at the end of the video. We cannot accept submissions without permission forms.

What type of file submissions do you accept?

Art: We only accept .jpg files!
Music: We are accepting any high quality file of video or audio, when in doubt choose mp3.

How can I upload my video/audio/art submission?

Art: Take a picture of your art with your device, and submit in the dropbox. You may then mail it back to us to the address stated in the email you received.
Music (audio/video files): In the dropbox.

What exactly will you be doing with my submission?

Art: We will be using the physical postcards as part of this project!
Music: We will use your audio to create a one of a kind music video with OK Go!

Can I participate even if I don’t play an instrument or sing?

Yes! We have two options for those who do not play an instrument or sing. Those include spoken word and percussion. There is more information on the music sign up page.

Can I submit more than one submission for the art or music page?

Music: Yes! You can submit multiple parts for the music part of this project. When you sign up, you will get an email with more information about the different ways for you to participate.
Art: You will be assigned a specific part for the art part of this project, meaning that you will only make one submission!

When will I be able to see the music video?

We will be releasing the video on April 10 as part of the global Yuri’s Night celebration of space exploration.

Don’t see your question? Email us at!