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Musicians (this includes those of you who like to clap, stomp, or talk!)

Our goal with the song “All Together Now” was to use instruments we had at home to create a collaborative song even though we were physically apart. You might have noticed in our music video that we use pots and pans, a children’s piano, and our own hands to clap to make the instrumental parts of “All Together Now.” Now, we want to extend an invitation for you to help us make another collaborative mix of the song! To truly bring that idea to life we need… you! If you love the song and want to participate there are many ways to get involved. Check out the list below!

Recordings are due on March 1st, 2021.

Ways to Participate

  1. SPOKEN VOICES/CHANTING: Don’t want to play an instrument or sing but still have a flair for the dramatic? We want you to record yourself speaking some lyrics! More information can be found in the email you will get when you sign up.
  2. INSTRUMENTS: If you play an instrument, we’d love to hear you jam along with our tracks or add an accompaniment! Beginner or virtuoso, we need everything. If you can play tuba, give us a bassline! If you play the recorder, play along with the melody! We will have simple sheet music provided if you get stuck.
  3. PERCUSSION: Speaking of simple…. We can always use some stomps and claps. If you play pots and pans, go ahead and bang along!
  4. LEAD VOCALS: We need the lead singer to be you! Give us your best shot. You can sing along with Damian or make your own mark with the instrumental track.
  5. CREATIVE ENDING/OUTRO VOCALS: No matter what you decide to do, we need the ending to be HUGE. Please yell, sing, or play the ending melody, no matter what else you decide to send us.

*Note: You can submit either an audio recording, or a video recording of you performing -- whichever you are most comfortable with!


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Are you the leader of an ensemble? A choir or band that is looking to participate as a group? Please reach out to us directly with your details. We’ll ask you to fill out a small questionnaire.

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