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Art In Space

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for this opportunity has passed.

OK Go made art in space.*
Now it’s your turn.**

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OK Go wants to put your student art experiment on a spaceship!

OK Go thinks creativity is all about the joy of experimentation. Making a music video in microgravity was one big experiment.  We tried all sorts of creative ideas and put them to the test within the limitations of physics and gravity.

Now we want you to try, but in actual space! The Art in Space contest invites your creative art and science minds to dream up your own cool experiments to send into suborbital space onboard the New Shepard spacecraft.

All you need is a great idea -- if you win, our experts will help build it.

Got questions? We’ve got answers*
(some answers, the rest are up to you!)

Submission Deadline

May 6, 2019

Winners Announced

June 2019