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Inspiring Tools for Playful Learning.

Helping students learn through the joy, wonder, and fun of OK Go’s music videos.

This Too Shall Pass

Learn how the astoundingly complex system used in “This Too Shall Pass” is actually a series of simple machines.


Simple Machines, Chain Reactions, Pitch

The One Moment

Learn algebra, principles of gravity and how a 4-second shot becomes an amazing 4-minute video in “The One Moment.”


Math, Physics, Flip Books

The Writing's On The Wall

Learn how to create optical illusions, just like OK Go in ‘The Writing's On The Wall.’


Optical Illusions, Neuroscience, Perception

Upside Down & Inside Out

Learn how art and science work together in Upside Down & Inside Out, OK Go’s musical art experiment in microgravity.


Physics, Parabolas, Art


Learn how to make music from anything you can put your hands on, just like OK Go in “Needing/Getting” (minus the car).


Music, Found Instruments, Sensors

All Together Now

This challenge asks you to work with at least one other person to create a collaborative piece of art or media that illustrates your appreciation for people in your life or your community.


Art, Collabration


Learn how to create spin art and explore how art and science work together, just like OK Go in ‘This.’


Art, Collabration