The One Moment

About the Music Video

This video was actually shot in 4 seconds, but when played back in slow motion, it stays in sync with the music. How did they do it?! A lot of time, and a lot of math. Created by OK Go in collaboration with Morton Salt.

Making “The One Moment”

OK Go discuss how bursting salt, crashing balls, flying paint and some serious calculations can make a really amazing music video.

The One Moment of Math

Lead singer Damian Kulash makes spreadsheets cool again, as he explains the math and basic physics required to create the music video.

Timing Is Everything

In this challenge, students will explore the impact gravity has on objects of different sizes and masses by dropping objects from a consistent height and recording their falls.

Flip Book Challenge

Inspired by the two flip books used in “The One Moment” video, this exercise will challenge students to create their own flip book. Creating a flip book includes…