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This Too Shall Pass

Chain Reaction Machines

Grade 3-5EngineeringPhysicsScience

This challenge will engage students in recognizing different simple machines and creating their own in a chain reaction machine, using the engineering design process to explore forces and…

The One Moment

Flip Book Challenge

Grade K-2Arts

Inspired by the two flip books used in “The One Moment” video, this exercise will challenge students to create their own flip book. Creating a flip book includes…

This Too Shall Pass

Hit the Note

Grade K-2Grade 3-5Grade 6-8MathPhysicsScienceMusic

Inspired by the tuned glasses in the music video, students will learn about pitch and musical notes through a science inquiry activity, then play a song of their…

The One Moment

Making “The One Moment”

Grade 3-5Grade 6-8Grade 9-12MathEngineering

OK Go discuss how bursting salt, crashing balls, flying paint and some serious calculations can make a really amazing music video.


Making “Needing/Getting”


OK Go discusses a car as a musical instrument, finding everyday objects that make music and the engineering behind the giant race track they use to play the…

This Too Shall Pass

Making “This Too Shall Pass”


From collaborating with engineers, to the lengthy testing process and many attempts it took to finally get it shot, OK Go tell the story of how “This Too…

This Too Shall Pass

Simple Machines Scavenger Hunt

Grade 3-5EngineeringPhysicsScience

A chain reaction machine is a series of simple machines — one after the next. We challenge students to discover the simple machines in OK Go’s videos.


Surrounding Sounds


This challenge is designed to encourage students to discover the musical qualities of various everyday objects and put them to use in making music. The world is full…

The One Moment

The One Moment of Math

Grade 9-12MathEngineeringPhysics

Lead singer Damian Kulash makes spreadsheets cool again, as he explains the math and basic physics required to create the music video.

The One Moment

Timing Is Everything

Grade K-2PhysicsScience

In this challenge, students will explore the impact gravity has on objects of different sizes and masses by dropping objects from a consistent height and recording their falls.

Upside Down & Inside Out

Making Upside Down & Inside Out

Grade 6-8SciencePhysics

OK Go dives right in to answering the questions everyone is asking. How were they weightless? What did it feel like? And how did they do it for…

Upside Down & Inside Out

How Parabolas Work

Grade 3-5Grade 9-12Math

OK Go explains what a parabola is and why is it so important for the creation of this video. (Hint: Microgravity)

Upside Down & Inside Out

Art in Microgravity


OK Go explores the rarely explored challenge creating art in microgravity. How? through play, experimentation and trial and error!

Upside Down & Inside Out

Art of Experimentation

Grade 3-5Grade 6-8ScienceArts

Now you try! The band will show you how to use fluid dynamics and color to experiment and create art!

The Writing's On The Wall


Grade K-2Grade 3-5Grade 9-12Arts

In this challenge, students will develop their understanding of optical illusions and explore how to create illusions like those in “The Writing’s On the Wall” music video by…

The Writing's On The Wall


Grade 6-8Grade 9-12ArtsMathScience

OK Go discusses the brain processes behind optical illusions to give us an understanding of how we are able to see things that aren’t really there.

The Writing's On The Wall


Grade K-2Grade 3-5Grade 6-8ArtsMath

This challenge engages students by making a project that encourages students to create their own small-scale optical illusion: an accordion fold.

The Writing's On The Wall

Behind-The-Scenes: Anamorphic Illusions

Grade 3-5Grade 6-8Grade 9-12Arts

Lead singer Damian Kulash describes anamorphism and how anamorphic illusions were created in the music video for “The Writing’s On the Wall.”

The Writing's On The Wall

Behind-The-Scenes: The Camera

Grade 6-8Grade 9-12ArtsEngineering

This video provides a closer look into the creation of the camera and the camera movements that helped make “The Writing’s On the Wall” music video possible.

The Writing's On The Wall

Behind-The-Scenes: Tim's Face

Grade 3-5Grade 6-8ArtsEngineering

Bassist Tim Nordwind explains how they created the illusion of his face out of a collection of objects in the music video for “The Writing’s On the Wall.”

The Writing's On The Wall

Behind-The-Scenes: The Finale

Grade 3-5Grade 6-8Grade 9-12Arts

Art director Hannah Alpert describes the process of creating the final image of “The Writing’s On the Wall” music video.

All Together Now

Art Together Now

Grade 3-5Grade 6-8Grade 9-12ArtsMusic

In this video, Damian and Tim introduce their music video “All Together Now” and challenge you to create your own piece of meaningful collaborative art.

All Together Now

Art Together Now


In 2021, OK Go Sandbox invited the world to help create a new video and remix of "All Together Now." The #ArtTogetherNow project ended up creating 6 films and 5 new versions of the song, thanks to over 15,000 global collaborators.


Spin Art

Grade 3-5Grade 6-8Grade 9-12Artistic ControlDesign ProcessViscosity

In this challenge, students will learn how different choices affect art by making spin art projects and understanding how to control the process.


Art of Circular Motion

Grade 3-5Grade 9-12Uniform Circular MotionVelocityAccelerationForce

In this challenge, students will learn about the processes of uniform circular motion by exploring the process of creating spin art.