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The Writing's On The Wall

About the Music Video

Everything is not what it seems in this video! See how OK Go used art and perspective to trick your brain into seeing something that isn’t actually there.


Grade 6-8Grade 9-12ArtsMathScience

OK Go discusses the brain processes behind optical illusions to give us an understanding of how we are able to see things that aren’t really there.


Grade K-2Grade 3-5Grade 9-12Arts

In this challenge, students will develop their understanding of optical illusions and explore how to create illusions like those in “The Writing’s On the Wall” music video by…


Grade K-2Grade 3-5Grade 6-8ArtsMath

This challenge engages students by making a project that encourages students to create their own small-scale optical illusion: an accordion fold.

Behind-The-Scenes: Anamorphic Illusions

Grade 3-5Grade 6-8Grade 9-12Arts

Lead singer Damian Kulash describes anamorphism and how anamorphic illusions were created in the music video for “The Writing’s On the Wall.”

Behind-The-Scenes: The Camera

Grade 6-8Grade 9-12ArtsEngineering

This video provides a closer look into the creation of the camera and the camera movements that helped make “The Writing’s On the Wall” music video possible.

Behind-The-Scenes: Tim's Face

Grade 3-5Grade 6-8ArtsEngineering

Bassist Tim Nordwind explains how they created the illusion of his face out of a collection of objects in the music video for “The Writing’s On the Wall.”

Behind-The-Scenes: The Finale

Grade 3-5Grade 6-8Grade 9-12Arts

Art director Hannah Alpert describes the process of creating the final image of “The Writing’s On the Wall” music video.