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This Too Shall Pass

About the Music Video

OK Go created this video by connecting a series of simple machines together, to create a single chain reaction machine, timed perfectly to their song. So perfectly in fact, that one section of the machine actually plays a part of the song itself.

Making “This Too Shall Pass”


From collaborating with engineers, to the lengthy testing process and many attempts it took to finally get it shot, OK Go tell the story of how “This Too…

Chain Reaction Machines

Grade 3-5EngineeringPhysicsScience

This challenge will engage students in recognizing different simple machines and creating their own in a chain reaction machine, using the engineering design process to explore forces and…

Hit the Note

Grade K-2Grade 3-5Grade 6-8MathPhysicsScienceMusic

Inspired by the tuned glasses in the music video, students will learn about pitch and musical notes through a science inquiry activity, then play a song of their…

Simple Machines Scavenger Hunt

Grade 3-5EngineeringPhysicsScience

A chain reaction machine is a series of simple machines — one after the next. We challenge students to discover the simple machines in OK Go’s videos.