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Upside Down & Inside Out

About the Music Video

Making this video took OK Go to new heights in learning! Through the joy of experimentation, they learned how the rules of physics apply in microgravity (everything floats!) and how to create art in that space (everything floats!).

Making Upside Down & Inside Out

Grade 6-8SciencePhysics

OK Go dives right in to answering the questions everyone is asking. How were they weightless? What did it feel like? And how did they do it for…

How Parabolas Work

Grade 3-5Grade 9-12Math

OK Go explains what a parabola is and why is it so important for the creation of this video. (Hint: Microgravity)

Art in Microgravity


OK Go explores the rarely explored challenge creating art in microgravity. How? through play, experimentation and trial and error!

Art of Experimentation

Grade 3-5Grade 6-8ScienceArts

Now you try! The band will show you how to use fluid dynamics and color to experiment and create art!